I created a form in Symfony 4:

$form = $this->createFormBuilder($item)

->add('username', TextType::class, array('attr' => array('class' => 'form-control')))

But now I get an error message for username.

These messages are not available for the given locale and cannot be found in the fallback locales. Add them to the translation catalogue to avoid Symfony outputting untranslated contents.

So I installed Symfony translation via composer, I still cannot find the "catalogue" and also why do I need to add this to a catalogue if I only have one language

In the Profiler you can see which catalogue symfony is looking for. normally validation is found in the validators catalogue, which means you need to add a validators.LOCALE.yml (locale must be the locale you are using ex. en) in the translations folder. But look up the right catalogue!

  • I do not see any indication in the profiler for the catalogue: i.imgur.com/Btv7k68.png – Jarla Aug 6 at 14:04
  • the catalouge is in the domain colum. – fucethebads Aug 6 at 14:06
  • 1
    Ok, this means, the catalogue name is "messages". So if I understand you right, then I have to add this file: config/packages/validators.LOCALE.yml – Jarla Aug 6 at 14:14

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