I have a problem with my macro. Try to create a table if the name exists.

%let tableA = Cars;
%let tableB =;

This works:

%macro CREATETABLE(name); 
%if %symexist(name) = 1 %then %do; 
proc sql;
Create table ....

But if the table name doesnt exists:

%else...( do nothing )

i want SAS to do nothing, but i didnt get it to work. Getting always SAS errors because the table name doenst exists.

%CREATETABLE(CARS)/%CREATETABLE(&tableA) - works, %symexist(chkTabelle) -> 1
%CREATETABEL(asfsf)/%CREATETABLE(&tableB) - error, %symexist(chkTabelle) -> 0

%symexist checks to see if a macro symbol exists. The macro symbol NAME always exists. It sounds like you want to check if a dataset exists. To do that, you use the EXIST() function.

From the docs:


%macro checkds(dsn);
   %if %sysfunc(exist(&dsn)) %then %do;
      proc print data = &dsn;
   %else %do;
      data _null_;
         file print;
         put #3 @10 "Data set &dsn. does not exist";
%mend checkds;
  • Thank u, the wrong function :-) – JJDOE Aug 6 '18 at 16:08

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