Some static files are not loading properly browser. I am seeing ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH status. I am using tomcat server with Nginx proxy. This is the error I found in logs 2018/08/06 13:19:14 [crit] 19272#19272: *164 open() "/var/cache/nginx/proxy_temp/6/01/0000000016" failed (13: Permission denied) while reading upstream,

How to fix this?

enter image description here


Reduce the SSL buffer size to 4k:

ssl_buffer_size 4k;

Documentation: https://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_ssl_module.html#ssl_buffer_size

In my project, the error ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH in the browser appeared due to an error inside the openssl library. Error in biginteger library. I was helped by reducing the buffer.

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