I have an R script that let me run a macro in SAS, like this (inspiration from here):

sas_script <- "MyScript.sas"
sas_log <- tempfile()
sas_out <- tempfile()

cmd <- sprintf(
  'sas.exe -nosplash -icon -sysin "%s"  -log "%s" -print "%s"',
  sas_script, sas_log, sas_out

return_code  <- system(cmd)  # Runs sas and saves the return code

But I would like to pass an argument into the macro, so I can run it, for example with all the years from 2010 to 2018. My SAS macro (that calls several other macros) look something like this:

options nocenter nodate nonumber mprint;

%let sti=C:\Mypath\;
%include "&sti.macro1.sas" ;

%let aar=2018;


So instead of %let aar=2018; in sas, I would like to do something like this for(aar in 2010:2018){ code } in R.

Any suggestions?

You can use the -sysparm command line option to pass a value into your SAS program. You can reference the value in your SAS program using &sysparm macro variable reference.

I'm not sure I understand your issue, but if I'm correct you want to loop from a year N to another year M, right ?

So in SAS you can write a loop inside a macro and run the macro. In your example, I'll do :

options nocenter nodate nonumber mprint;

%let sti=C:\Mypath\;
%include "&sti.macro1.sas" ;

%do year = &startyear. %to &endyear.;
    %macro1(aar = &year);

%macro_loop(startyear = 2010, endyear = 2018);
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    I guess that is one way to do it. Not quite what i asked for, as I would like to control the startyear and endyear from R, as several other people are working on the SAS code, so would be more convienient for me to just edit the years in R – Jeppe Olsen Aug 7 at 8:43

You can use the -SET option on the SAS command line to pass arguments into SAS. Then use the %SYSGET macro to retrieve those values in your program. For further discussion and an example, see the article "How to pass parameters to a SAS program."

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