I installed through composer doctrine 2

  "require": {
    "doctrine/orm": "2.4.*",
    "symfony/yaml": "2.*"
  "autoload": {
    "psr-0": {"": "src/"}

Created, in the right place to initialize the connection to the database

public static function connect_to_db(){
        $config = new \Doctrine\DBAL\Configuration();
        $connectionParams = array(
            'dbname' => System::$SETTINGS->db->name,
            'user' => System::$SETTINGS->db->user,
            'password' => System::$SETTINGS->db->password,
            'host' => System::$SETTINGS->db->host,
            'driver' => System::$SETTINGS->db->driver,
        try {
            System::$DB = \Doctrine\DBAL\DriverManager::getConnection($connectionParams, $config);
        } catch (DBALException $e) {


I'm trying to execute in the terminal

>php vendor/doctrine/orm/bin/doctrine orm:schema-tool:create

I get the answer

You are missing a "cli-config.php" or "config/cli-config.php" file in your project, which is required to get the Doctrine Console working. You can use the following sample as a template:

// replace with file to your own project bootstrap require_once 'bootstrap.php';

// replace with mechanism to retrieve EntityManager in your app $entityManager = GetEntityManager();

I do not want to create any config / cli-config.php, what does it contain and for what do I need? How do I install the doctrine ??? Here is a link to the official installation guide. I do not want to create any extra files like bootstrap.php (where does the css libin and I do not know) and it's not clear where to create it. + I want to store the model in its place, and not an incomprehensible src (where is it at all?)

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