I am new in PWA application development. I would like to develop PWA application using Angular 6. Any one please suggest for following questions

1) How can we create PWA application for Android using Angular 6 ?
2) How can i install PWA application android phone (Local Testing) ?
3) What are features will not work in PWA application in Android and IOS comparing to native?

Please suggest !!! Great ! Thanks In Advance

  • You are sort of asking for a tutorial. Those you can find plenty of with some Google research. IMHO Max Schwarzmueller has one of the best. If there is a particular problem this would be where you ask for help. – Mathias Aug 7 '18 at 12:14

PWA is nothing but a responsive website with a manifest and a service worker, manifest provides the functionality such as an icon, app name, add to home screen options, while service worker provides you a lot of functionality like network calls, notifications etc.

Here are some reference links which you can visit:








Regarding your question about features of PWA vs Native, please see the answer posted here on stack overflow itself.

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