Is there an easy way to get the chip name like the MediaTek SoCs (ARMv5 MT1000 ..) of an Android device using adb shell?

I'm trying to run "adb shell cat system/build.prop" but I don't found the chip or SoC name.

Any Help for that!

You will get your soc model number from this you can search it on the Qualcomm product list to find SOC name

   adb shell cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep hardware

In some cases you will directly get your product name

To get CPU info of a device via adb try,

adb shell cat /proc/cpuinfo

  • I try that, but it got me the CPU info, I need to know the SoC name, thank you for the answer. – Billel Bmsd Aug 7 at 12:48
  • Yeah, but I think Hardware info provided by this command is your requirement. Because I am testing it on Redmi 4A that have Qualcomm MSM8917 chipset and this command is showing perfectly. – HeisenBrg Aug 7 at 13:01
  • @BillelBmsd..It seems above command is giving chipset info. Is this info not enough to you? What do you mean by Soc? – Chandrakanth Aug 8 at 9:52

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