im currently developing a Blog website with Angular 6 as the Front End and Laravel working as the Back End, and for blog editing Im using Ngx Quill Text Editor https://www.npmjs.com/package/ngx-quill which is a lot like StackOverflow´s own text editor. So this tool generates the apropiate HTML code like this

<p>This is a text</p>

And I store it in my Database so i can show it later like a normal post or an editable post.

Everything works perfect.. except when i add images via this editor; since they are in base64 encoding, the HTML generated string greatly surpasses 10000 characters and i cant seem to store that many characters. Any suggestions on how may i reduce the HTML string, or use a different data type on my database (currently VARCHAR max value), or (optimal solution) upload these images directly to a server? For example, StackOverflow seems to handle this issue just fine by storing images directly to a server (imgur in this case)

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