I am in need of creating compiled, stand-alone, command-line, terminal-I/O, old-style-Unix executables from Rascal source code. I do realize that the proper question might have to include "modulo invoking a JVM explicitly", although it would be great to get rid of that as well. Just to be clear that I'm talking about, here's the first program I'd like to compile.

module hello
import IO;
void main()
    println( "Hello, sailor." );

Implicit in the question is "What's the proper signature of main()?", but that's subsidiary to the question of how to get a compiled executable.

I would expect that the compiler can be run from the command line itself, and not only from within Eclipse. I need to automate compilation within a build tool.

How do I do this?

There are two related SO questions already, neither of which provides an answer.

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