I've build my web app into a progressive web app (PWA). Everything works great except when i click on a input for typing something in the pwa the keyboard hides elements which are position fixed to the bottom. on the website viewed with chrome on android this is not a problem.

i've tried to debug this with the devtools connected to my phone, but there the keyboard doesn't appear.

Does anyone have an idee what i can do to fix this?

One of the elements with this problem:

.scanner .text-input-btn {
    position: fixed!important;
    bottom: 18vh;
    left: 50vw;
    margin-left: -28px;

I think it may be a bug in the google chrome's PWA launcher, i think the webview is still 100% of the device height i/o the 100% minus the height of the virtual android keyboard.

In the browser: (correct) In browser In a PWA: (wrong) In PWA


Take a look at your manifest.json and make sure display property is standalone, we had a couple of problems with display set to fullscreen, samsung keyboard takes the focus out of the PWA

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