we are building the REST API for WooCommerce and we want to add a product to user's cart. For that we have used Cart API for WooCommerce but it doesn't seems to working for us as it doesn't giving any option to set user_id along with the data so we are facing issues with mobile app and website syncing. We want to make it generalize like if user is using mobile and adds product to cart, it should be remain in the cart if login from web too and it's seems not working for us

Any help will be appreciated for it

Thanks in advance

Woo-commerce cart items is temporary store in session so you can not get items using REST API, for that you have to make a custom table of cart then store details in your custom cart table using REST API.

  • okay. so how can I display that product to the website if the same user logs in? Do you have any idea about it? – user3886556 Aug 10 at 12:22

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