I was trying to add a Chat Bot integrated with Knowledge Base to Skype For Business Channel. I understand that, it will be added by the Tenant Administrator.

My question here is, as we are working on POC we need to understand that if we add any BOT, then it will be considered as a new User and incurr some license cost for that or it is just a Service User which will not incurr any cost?

I could not find more information on this. Can anybody please let me know the information for the same to proceed.

The costs can be split into two parts

  • user of your Azure Active Directory will cost you the same money like any other non-chatbot user. You'll of course need one user for each chatbot you may want to connect to your network.
  • your Azure Bot Service will be charged the same way like any non Skype for Business (S4B) chatbot - See here

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