I have a React app served from an S3 bucket which is set up for static website hosting, behind a Cloudfront distribution, with a custom domain (https://dev.meal-plannr.com) managed by Route 53.

When I go to my custom domain or the Cloudfront URL I get a "Too many redirections" (Safari) or "dev.meal-plannr.com redirected you too many times." (Chrome). Going to the S3 bucket URL loads the website fine. Interestingly I only get the error in Chrome if I have the dev tools displayed - without that the website loads correctly on all URLs.

Here is the configuration for each of the services mentioned above.


S3 static website hosting configuration


Origin configuration:

Cloudfront origin configuration


Cloudfront general configuration


Cloudfront behaviours configuration

Error Pages:

Cloudfront error pages configuration

Route 53

Route 53 configuration

Up until around 30 minutes ago my S3 bucket was set up to redirect to https://dev.meal-plannr.com but I've since removed this. Have I misconfigured something?

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