After configuring spring-session-data-redis in a demo spring-boot project, bootRun task fails with the following message:



Parameter 0 of method redisTemplate in org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.data.redis.RedisAutoConfiguration required a bean of type 'org.springframework.data.redis.connection.RedisConnectionFactory' that could not be found.
    - Bean method 'redisConnectionFactory' not loaded because @ConditionalOnClass did not find required classes 'org.apache.commons.pool2.impl.GenericObjectPool', 'redis.clients.jedis.Jedis'
    - Bean method 'redisConnectionFactory' not loaded because @ConditionalOnClass did not find required class 'io.lettuce.core.RedisClient'


Consider revisiting the entries above or defining a bean of type 'org.springframework.data.redis.connection.RedisConnectionFactory' in your configuration.

What I've done (a.k.a. steps to reproduce):
1. Used Spring Initializr to create a [Gradle with Java and Spring Boot 2.1.0 M1 + Web dependency] project.
2. Followed the Spring Session - Spring Boot instructions to configure Spring Session. More specifically:
- added compile 'org.springframework.session:spring-session-data-redis' to build.gradle's dependencies block
- configured the store type by adding spring.session.store-type=redis to application.properties file
- configured the connection properties (in application.properties file): spring.redis.host, spring.redis.password and spring.redis.port with relevant values
3. Executed ./gradlew bootRun from the root of the project and received the above error

1. As far as I'm understand from the error message, RedisConnectionFactory failed to load because it can't find neither Jedis nor Lettuce drivers. Shouldn't spring-session-data-redis bring one of those drivers by default?
2. How to resolve this issue in case I want to use the Jedis driver?
3. How to resolve this issue in case I want to use the Lettuce driver?

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    1. No. 2 or 3 include them yourself. The sample uses spring-boot-starter-data-redis as well, this pulls in a driver by default.
    – M. Deinum
    Aug 8, 2018 at 10:15
  • @M.Deinum Thanks. The guide itself doesn't mention spring-boot-starter-data-redis, nor explicit driver dependency. Also, it seems that this is a behavior change - I'm able to run bootRun using spring-boot's 1.5.16.BUILD-SNAPSHOT version flawlessly without explicit driver dependency.
    – Alex Lipov
    Aug 8, 2018 at 10:58
  • 2
    The instruction are incorrect and are out of sync with the sample application to which they link. It has a dependency on spring-boot-starter-data-redis. Aug 8, 2018 at 11:27
  • @AndyWilkinson Thanks. Is there a recommended way for pulling the Lettuce driver in: implicitly by adding spring-boot-starter-data-redis dependency, or explicitly by adding io.lettuce:lettuce-core dependency?
    – Alex Lipov
    Aug 8, 2018 at 11:39
  • 2
    I would use the starter. Aug 8, 2018 at 12:39

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As @M.Deinum mentioned, spring-session-data-redis (version 2.1.0.M1) doesn't pull Jedis or Lettuce drivers.

Add the latest Jedis driver as explicit dependency:

dependencies {  
    // ...  
    compile 'redis.clients:jedis:2.9.0'  

Either add spring-boot-starter-data-redis (which pulls in Lettuce driver) or the latest Lettuce driver as explicit dependency:

dependencies {  
    // ...  
    compile 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-data-redis'  
    // OR
    compile 'io.lettuce:lettuce-core:5.0.5.RELEASE' 

There is 2 implementation of RedisConnectionFactory are comes with spring-session-data-redis

(1) lettuce (default) - https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-session/issues/789

(2) Jedis

Since lettuce & Jedis dependency are optional u have to have explicit dependency. u can put dependency to either one of it. (u can have both but Spring redis implementation stater used lettuce as a default implementation)



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