I want to Change background color of my main window title bar

I tried by creating custom title bar and attaching events to close, maximize and minimize, is there any other way to change/customize main window title bar ?

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If you are using .net 4.5, you can use WindowChrome for this.

You can customize a window border by setting the Window.WindowStyle property to None or by using the WindowChrome class.

WindowStyle.None One way to customize the appearance of a WPF application window is to set the Window.WindowStyle property to None. This removes the non-client frame from the window and leaves only the client area, to which you can apply a custom style. However, when the non-client frame is removed, you also lose the system features and behaviors that it provides, such as caption buttons and window resizing. Another side effect is that the window will cover the Windows taskbar when it is maximized. Setting WindowStyle.None enables you to create a completely custom application, but also requires that you implement custom logic in your application to emulate standard window behavior.

WindowChrome To customize a window while retaining its standard functionality, you can use the WindowChrome class. The WindowChrome class separates the functionality of the window frame from the visuals, and lets you control the boundary between the client and non-client areas of your application window. The WindowChrome class lets you put WPF content in the window frame by extending the client area to cover the non-client area. At the same time, it retains system behaviors through two invisible areas; the resize border and caption areas.

Here is some help on Experiments with WindowChrome

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  • I used Mah apps :) – Uday Teja Aug 17 '18 at 18:18

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