I'm creating an Angular 6 application that will serve two types of users. A buyer and a seller. I want each one of them to have their own GUI. How would you structure your application? taking into account that both theses GUIs have many components that they can share. I was thinking something like creating 3 modules /buyer , /seller and /shared I will also be using an auth guard so when authenticating the buyer can only access their GUI , etc ...

I'm new to Angular so any help will be appreciated! thank you.


Yes, a buyer module containing all the components for the buyer, a seller module containing all the components for the seller and a shared module containing all components/services/models used in both buyer & seller module.

This is only the first layer, depending on how big your application is you will need more levels of modules.

The offcial Angular styleguide is a good point to start, you can find it here. For more about application structure you can look here in the styleguide.

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Create 3 separate module with main module and put common things in main module or create one shared module and import where you want to access. also use SCSS for styling and create one separate folder for sass and write all the basic files and things in scss You can also create separate folder in asstes for mock-data

Your project structure would be something like that:

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