I have to implement login and register functions in my mobile application in Unity (c#) using OAuth 2.0.

Bbut there is a problem with understanding and scripting. Since it is not a web app, I can't understand what is the redirect_uri for getting authorization code and token after it.

It would be nice if somebody could provide the answer with example.


You can use custom URL schemes for the final callback as it's done client side, so what you do is register a URL scheme for your app to capture requests to.

As per the official OAuth 2 documentation.

In Unity this will mean interacting with platform specific APIs to achieve. You'll need to check with the Unity documentation for how this is achieved.


Not sure if your question is about redirecturi or about redirecturi in Unity. :)

RedirectURI is used when you use Authorization Code grant type or Implicit Grant of oAuth2, while the authentication and authorization is done by a 3rd party server. When a login screen is shown by a 3rd party website(like google), once the user is authenticated, it should know when the flow should go back.

May this also helps

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