I want to make my discord bot to play music , but i keep getting "FFMPEG not found" error.

My bot is mostly made out of pings so i won't upload that part. The music code should be this one.

const Discord = require('discord.js');
const bot = new Discord.Client();
var bm = message.content.toLowerCase()

bot.on('message',(message) => {

     if (bm == "pray") {
    var VC = message.member.voiceChannel;
    if (!VC)
        return message.reply("You are not in the church my son.")
    .then(connection => {
        const dispatcher = connection.playFile('d:/mp3.MP3');
        dispatcher.on("end", end => {VC.leave()});
    .catch(console.error); )

P.S. : I know that i should import the FFMPEG somehow because i have it downloaded already. But i don't know how.


I have found an answer here , at http://blog.gregzaal.com/how-to-install-ffmpeg-on-windows/ . Here you can see how to add the FFMPEG to download , unzip , path and use it.


You should install all ffmpeg-related modules from NPM, and then define it (like, const ffmpeg = require("ffmpeg-extra"). This worked for me.


Watch: How to set Environment variables in Windows.
This is required to understand the HowTo below.

Install FFmpeg

  • Download the binaries from zeranoe.
  • Extract it and copy the bin folder contents.
  • Create a directory named ffmpeg_bins in C: drive.
  • Add it to path by clicking Browse Folder.

Congratulations, You've just learned to install FFmpeg in Windows OS.

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