I would like to know how can I store the value of subquery to use it in an operation after it recieve the value. For example:

Select IDTruck
, TruckPrice = (select "TruckPrice" from "Table1"  where  ("TruckID" = '123'))

, TruckUnit = (select "TruckUnit" from "Table2" )

, TruckPrice * TruckUnit as "PriceTotal"
from Table3

I just want to store the value and then use it in the operation so I don't have to do the select again.

I'm not sure why it should be necessary to store the values in variables for usage in your case. I think the calculation can be done also by joining just the data (assuming that table3 contains a reference to table1 and table2).

Your example above would also not work, because TruckPrice and TruckUnits are no atomar results.

So please try to refactor your statement to use joins.

  • Hi Florian, I'm sorry it was my mistake because I didn't specify what is the behaviour of the subquery but I found the solution with the clause "with". My aim was to avoid redundancy of the subqueries. Again sorry for not being specific. – Gustavo Alexander Carrillo Rue Aug 10 at 3:14

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