I have found out that ES index could be closed. https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/6.3/indices-open-close.html

A closed index has almost no overhead on the cluster (except for maintaining its metadata), and is blocked for read/write operations.

I am trying to optimise ES for writing a lot of data, i.e. 100K messages per second. Every hour new index is created and older indexes are not used for writing anymore. However reading from older indexes is possible.

Should I close old indexes to optimise writing and the open them on demand if I need to perform search on them?


If your index is closed, you obviously cannot read/search from it. Some operations, like changing index analyzers, require you to close the index before doing so and reopen it afterwards.

Other than that, if you know you'll need to read/search from your old indexes, then simply keep them open. It makes no sense to close/reopen them every time you need to read from them.

If you really want to optimize for writes, what you can do is implement hot/warm architecture and move your old indexes to warm nodes, while keeping the new one you're writing to on hot nodes.

You have a handful of other best practices you can implement if you want to optimize your indexing speed.

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