select * from students1;  students1.age   students1.gpa
fred    35  1.28
barney  32  2.32
shyam   32  2.32

select * from students2;  students1.age
fred    35
barney  32

When I am running this query

name,age from students1
where not exists
(select name,age from students2);

I am getting this bellow error

Error while compiling statement: FAILED: SemanticException line 39:22 Invalid SubQuery expression 'age' in definition of SubQuery sq_1 [ exists (select name,age from students2) ] used as sq_1 at Line 3:10: For Exists/Not Exists operator SubQuery must be Correlated.

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The error message is clear. The subquery should be correlated when using exists/not exists.

select name,age 
from students1 s1
where not exists (select 1
                  from students2 s2
                  where and s1.age=s2.age
  • what does this 1 means – Kumar Aug 9 at 13:03
  • Is there no simple way to achieve this, as I have to write queries to compare data between source and target table – Kumar Aug 9 at 13:04
  • If I have 100 columns then will I have to write s1.x=s2.x and s1.a=s2.b .... like wise for 100 columns – Kumar Aug 9 at 13:11

You are trying to achieve a MINUS output of a query. It is unfortunately not available in Hive.

You can read through the limitations of HQL and SQL here. HQL vs SQL

For usage of not exists, the manual has good example. subqueries in hive

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