The table name will be dynamic and need to return the list of objects dynamically. The parameters also dynamic however 4 parameters will be same for any table.

Method name accepts the table name and 4 parameters required to query any table

List<?> conversations = jdbcTemplate.queryForList(
         "select * from "+ tableName + " where id=? and userName=? and 
 password=? and tenantId=?" , paramsObjectArray);

tableName is a string which comes dynamically paramsObjectArray is a Object[] which comes dynamically

Currently the query throws invalid column type.


Your paramsObjectArray contains wrong values. It should correspond with the ? in order declared in your SQL.

It will bind for each ? the correct value. Now if one of the values in your paramsObjectArray is not what's expected, it will fail.

It could be that id in your db is integer, but you are giving it a String or tenantId - should be an integer I guess, but you are giving String.

Read the docs first.

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