This happens once in a while, when the project has just finished building and starts to run: it tries to connect to Oracle DB, and sometimes I get a connection error/exception (the network here is not very good). When this happens, the IDE keeps the Debug windows opened, just like it would when debugging, but the .exe freezes in the background and it is not possible to Reset or Detach the application in the IDE because these buttons are disabled.

To go back to normal, I have to kill my application's process, then kill Delphi's (bds.exe) process, and then delete my .exe file from my folder, and finally, open the IDE again.

If I do not perform all of the above, the IDE won't let me start the Debug session again. It would work if I reset my computer, but it would take too long.

I would like to know if there is an easier way to terminate or detach the application without doing all of the steps above, considering the buttons are greyed out on the IDE.

The first image below is shown when I try to close the IDE:

1st image

The second image below shows the Reset and Detach buttons greyed out:

2nd image

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    It sounds like the exception is happening outside the IDE, and it's not aware that it happened. It's waiting for a response from the DB, and isn't in a place where it can reset the process (because it's waiting for that response). You're stuck in a catch-22 situation - the IDE is waiting for a response from the DB, which isn't responding because something went wrong, but the notification that something went wrong didn't go back to the app properly, so the app is still waiting for a response from the DB, which... I don't think you're going to find another solution than the one you have now. – Ken White Aug 9 at 20:33

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