I need to convert pandas data frame to JSONL format. I couldn't find a good package to do it and tried to implement myself, but it looks a bit ugly and not efficient.

For example, given a pandas df:

        label      pattern
  0      DRUG      aspirin
  1      DRUG    trazodone
  2      DRUG   citalopram

I need to convert to txt file of the form:


I tried with to_dict('records'), but I'm missing [ ] and nested 'lower' key.



[{'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': 'aspirin'},
 {'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': 'trazodone'},
 {'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': 'citalopram'}]

I thought about converting the 'pattern' columns and include nested 'lower'?


So far, I succeeded to convert 'pattern' into list:

df_new = pd.concat((df[['label']], df[['pattern']].apply(lambda x: x.tolist(), axis=1)), axis=1)
df_new.columns = ['label', 'pattern']

The result:

    label   pattern
0   DRUG    [aspirin]
1   DRUG    [trazodone]
2   DRUG    [citalopram]

and then:


[{'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': ['aspirin']},
 {'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': ['trazodone']},
 {'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': ['citalopram']}]


Eventually, I managed to get what I want, but in the most non-pythonic way.

df_1 = pd.DataFrame(df[['pattern']].apply(lambda x: {'lower': x[0]}, axis=1))
df_1.columns = ['pattern']

df_fin = pd.concat((df[['label']], df_1[['pattern']].apply(lambda x: x.tolist(), axis=1)), axis=1)
df_fin.columns = ['label', 'pattern']

 '{'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': [{'lower': 'aspirin'}]}
  {'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': [{'lower': 'trazodone'}]}
  {'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': [{'lower': 'citalopram'}]}'

Any chance you can show a neat solution?

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    Pandas DataFrame.to_json may be what you're looking for. Orient='records'. pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/stable/generated/…
    – Michael B
    Aug 9 '18 at 20:24
  • @MichaelB, thanks, I tried, but it does not create '[ ]' after "pattern". Basically, 'pattern' values should be a list. Aug 9 '18 at 20:32
  • Have your tried df.to_json(orient = 'table')?
    – Michael B
    Aug 9 '18 at 20:47
  • yes, just tried. Not even close :/ Aug 9 '18 at 20:55

In versions of Pandas > 0.19.0, DataFrame.to_json has a parameter, lines, that will write out JSONL format.

Given that, a more succinct version of your solution might look like this:

import pandas as pd

data = [{'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': 'aspirin'},
        {'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': 'trazodone'},
        {'label': 'DRUG', 'pattern': 'citalopram'}]
df = pd.DataFrame(data)

# Wrap pattern column in a dictionary
df["pattern"] = df.pattern.apply(lambda x: {"lower": x})

# Output in JSONL format
print(df.to_json(orient='records', lines=True))


  • Thank you very much for this solution. I was grappling in the dark with the jsonlines and json libraries while this is a lot cleaner. Dec 21 '21 at 12:49

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