I have a custom form on concrete5.6 that I need help with. It has a date picker, and based on the date entered it displays a group that the person would be in.

I want to display another select attribute if a date is entered. Can anyone help? The relevant code of the form is below. The attribute I was to be displayed is attendee_kidsgroup:

$('.date_of_birth input').on('change',function(){
    var dob =  $('.date_of_birth input').val();
       url: '<?php echo $childverify; ?>',
       dataType: 'json',
           dob: dob
       success: function(response){
           $('.date_of_birth').append('<div class="clearfix dob_message"><label>&nbsp;</label><div class="alert-success" style="width: 200px; float:right ;  margin-top:-10px;padding:10px">Age at event : '+ response.age +' <br /> Group : '+ response.group +'</div></div>');
    return false;

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