I am trying to add PWA functionality to a simple site, and I am running into odd issues with Chrome version 68.0.3440.106.

I am running on http://localhost:4502 for my testing, in the context of a CMS (so I am working within a few constraints). Also, note that I removed all my PWA/Service Worker code so there is no caching at play.

In the <head> .. I include the manifest via:

<link rel="manifest" href="/content/foo/bar.pwa.manifest.webmanifest" type="application/manifest+json">

(The "odd" name of the manifest file is a constraint of the CMS i'm working in; i've also used the "json" extension to the same effect as described below).

Which contains...


I've observed the following: When I have JS/CSS includes ABOVE my <link rel="manifest" .. things go haywire. * If i copy the page's URL, paste it into a NEW chrome tab (a refresh of an existing tab does not cut it), and open up Chrome Dev Tools FOR that new tab, I can see the HTTP request/response for the manifest, and in Dev Tools > Application > Manifest is appears to display everything correctly. (so far so good). * If I then REFRESH this tab, i don't see the request for the manifest and the Application > Manifest section is blank. The HTML source has not changed at all. * No matter how many times I refresh it doesn't seem to help (also clear cache, etc.)

2) When i move the <link rel="manifest" to be ABOVE any CSS/JS in the <head> it seems to load consistently and correctly. Refreshing the page the HTTP request for the manifest displays, and Application > Manifest displays the correct info.

I've been scouring docs (Google, MDN) to see if the manifest MUST be included before ANY other includes, but I can't find anything that says that - and it's odd that on the first load of a tab, it seems to work even when included after CSS/JS.

Im hoping there is a way to get this to load regardless of where in the <head> the <link rel="manifest".. happens to be (as the CMS makes it hard to guarantee the order)

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No, the relative position of the <link rel="manifest"> within your page's <head> does not make a difference from the perspective of how it's parsed and interpreted.

I'm hard pressed to explain the behavior you're seeing, other than perhaps a syntax error in the HTML that includes your JavaScript and CSS, causing the subsequent <link rel="manifest"> to be parsed incorrectly. But in general, the position shouldn't matter.

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