We've got a PHP application that makes use of memcache. We're wanting to upgrade the stack from PHP5.5 to PHP7.X. We've always made use of Redhat Software Collections (or the CentOS equivalent, centos-sclo) for the app. Under PHP5.5, we've installed the following RPM packages:

rh-php55, rh-php55-php-cli, rh-php55-php-gd, rh-php55-php-xmlrpc, rh-php55-php-xml, rh-php55-php-mbstring, rh-php55-php-soap, rh-php55-php-intl, rh-php55-php-ldap, rh-php55-php-pecl-memcache, rh-php55-php-opcache, rh-php55-php-pgsql, rh-php55-php-bcmath, rh-php55-php-mcrypt

There are php71 equivalents of all of the above except for "php-pecl-memcache" and we aren't sure why. Specifically, these packages are available:

rh-php71, rh-php71-php, rh-php71-php-cli, rh-php71-php-gd, rh-php71-php-xmlrpc, rh-php71-php-xml, rh-php71-php-mbstring, rh-php71-php-soap, rh-php71-php-intl, rh-php71-php-ldap, rh-php71-php-opcache, rh-php71-php-pgsql, rh-php71-php-bcmath, rh-php71-php-mcrypt

And this package is not rh-php71-php-pecl-memcached.

When I started reading about PHP7 and memcache support online, I started to get really confused, and couldn't understand where things are at currently.

Could someone please clarify what the current situation is re Redhat packages, PHP7 and memcache ?

With Thanks in Advance,


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    1. There are two entirely separate PHP extensions for talking to memcached, Memcache and Memcached. Make sure you're always saying the correct one. 2. Ask on the Redhat support portal/community/what have you. Us filthy plebs without Redhat subscriptions aren't permitted to even look at their glorious docs, repos, or general direction. Access to this is also [part of] the reason you give Redhat money. – Sammitch Aug 10 at 1:50

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