When I have a SKLightNode in my scene with a SKSpriteNode with the filtering mode set to SKTextureFilteringMode.nearest the sprite is blurry when scaling.

let light = SKLightNode()
light.categoryBitMask = 1
light.falloff = 0.1
light.isEnabled = true

let aSprite = SKSpriteNode(texture: aTexture)
aSprite.texture?.filteringMode = SKTextureFilteringMode.nearest
aSprite.normalTexture = aSprite.texture?.generatingNormalMap()
aSprite.normalTexture?.filteringMode = SKTextureFilteringMode.nearest
aSprite.lightingBitMask = 0b0001

Here is an example with light source (red dote) and two sprites with the only difference being the lightingBitMask

enter image description here

Is this a bug or is it possible to keep the nearest neighbor filtering mode when scaling yet still use a light source? Or does the normal map get messed up when you scale the sprite?


I asked a technical support question about this and they informed me it was a bug.

technical support: 697113125
radar: 44715626

They backtracked on the bug part. This is just a simulator problem. Test on a real device.

Simulator is never a 1-to-1 representation of what you will see on a real device. It is always best practice to test on a real device!

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  • It's almost 2020 & they still haven't fixed this bug - currently have the same issue when my camera node zoom is x3 & a light node is present – Krekin Nov 24 '19 at 19:14

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