I am trying delete HDFS file using Java. As my file size is greater than Trash limited configured I am not able to perform delete operation . Below is the code snippet used for file deletion. I know there is skipTrash option available in HDFS shell commands. Please let me know if any thing similar is available in Java which will by pass Trash while deleting files.

import org.apache.hadoop.fs.*;

hdfs.delete(output, true);

This may be of some help:

private void startTrashEmptier(final Configuration conf) throws IOException {
  long trashInterval =
  if (trashInterval == 0) {
  } else if (trashInterval < 0) {
    throw new IOException("Cannot start trash emptier with negative interval."
        + " Set " + FS_TRASH_INTERVAL_KEY + " to a positive value.");

  // This may be called from the transitionToActive code path, in which
  // case the current user is the administrator, not the NN. The trash
  // emptier needs to run as the NN. See HDFS-3972.
  FileSystem fs = SecurityUtil.doAsLoginUser(
      new PrivilegedExceptionAction<FileSystem>() {
        public FileSystem run() throws IOException {
          return FileSystem.get(conf);
  this.emptier = new Thread(new Trash(fs, conf).getEmptier(), "Trash Emptier");

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