I have a google table and download it:

 Task<byte[]> _res = Http.GetByteArrayAsync(_webPath);

Then I make a Stream:

Stream _stream = new MemoryStream(_res.Result);

And work with this stream. I want to parse table. In console .net core application this method work good, but when i use it in blazor app, it doesn't work.

Task<byte[]> _res = Http.GetByteArrayAsync(_webPath);
_stream = new MemoryStream(_res.Result);


I haven't exception.

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The problem is that _res.Result blocks the thread until the task is completed which results in a deadlock as blazor only has one thread.


Accessing the property's get accessor blocks the calling thread until the asynchronous operation is complete; it is equivalent to calling the Wait method.

You need to await the task with await _res so that the thread isn't block and can complete the task.

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