Loading shared calendar from a user works so far. However, as soon as you want to load the events, we get the following error message:

Access is denied. Check credentials and try again.

The URL looks like this:



  "query": {
    "$select": "Subject,Location,Start,End,IsAllDay,BodyPreview,Extensions",
    "$expand": "Extensions($filter=Id eq \"Microsoft.OutlookServices.OpenTypeExtension.custom.string.here\")",
    "startDateTime": "2018-07-09T22:00:00.000Z",
    "endDateTime": "2018-11-09T23:00:00.000Z"
  "headers": {
    "Prefer": [

The following scopes were set:

"offline_access", // for refresh token
  • Have you tried to specify a time range fot the calendarView? – FIL Aug 10 '18 at 10:27
  • Yes, startDateTime and endDateTime are also set. Note: /me/ works fine so far, but not /users/{userId}. I've added the query in the question. – Jana Lima Aug 10 '18 at 13:10

The Outlook REST API requests are always performed on behalf of the current user (user that is authenticated). That's why the endpoint /me/calendars works but users/{userId}/calendars does not. You can not get access to another user's calendar using this API. More information is provided here.

To access the other user's calendar you should switch to Microsoft Graph API. Then you could use folowing endpoints:

Using https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/

GET /me/calendar/calendarView
GET /users/{id | userPrincipalName}/calendar/calendarView
GET /groups/{id}/calendar/calendarView

Remember to specify permissions for accessing user's calendars.

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