1. I have 2 tables table1 and table2.
  2. Initially table1 have some data and table2 is blank table having same column structure(Replica).

  3. I have copied all data from table1 to table2 at first. now after few days ,some columns of few rows get modified in table1 by external application.

  4. Now here is my actual problem starts How to update only those modified columns of table1 into table2 in sql server. I am open for stored procedure, batch job,SSIS or any other way in sql server.
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  • Find a merge script on the internet. Then you merge on your PrimaryKeys and look for changes columns. Also known as Slowly Changing Dimension 1 – SqlKindaGuy Aug 10 '18 at 10:08
  • Ok. Thank you.I wl look into that. – Vishal Pawar Aug 10 '18 at 10:10

Ill write this an answer so you can get inspiration to how its done.

The script will insert new records to table2. When rows are matching on your businesskey, but other attributes has changed it updates the row in the second table based upon your businesskey.

MERGE dbo.Client_SCD1 AS DST
USING CarSales.dbo.Client AS SRC
ON (SRC.ID = DST.BusinessKey)
INSERT (BusinessKey, ClientName, Country, Town, County, Address1, Address2, ClientType, ClientSize)
VALUES (SRC.ID, SRC.ClientName, SRC.Country, SRC.Town, SRC.County, Address1, Address2, ClientType, ClientSize)
 ISNULL(DST.ClientName,'') <> ISNULL(SRC.ClientName,'') 
 OR ISNULL(DST.Country,'') <> ISNULL(SRC.Country,'') 
 OR ISNULL(DST.Town,'') <> ISNULL(SRC.Town,'')
 OR ISNULL(DST.Address1,'') <> ISNULL(SRC.Address1,'')
 OR ISNULL(DST.Address2,'') <> ISNULL(SRC.Address2,'')
 OR ISNULL(DST.ClientType,'') <> ISNULL(SRC.ClientType,'')
 OR ISNULL(DST.ClientSize,'') <> ISNULL(SRC.ClientSize,'')
 DST.ClientName = SRC.ClientName 
 ,DST.Country = SRC.Country 
 ,DST.Town = SRC.Town
 ,DST.Address1 = SRC.Address1
 ,DST.Address2 = SRC.Address2
 ,DST.ClientType = SRC.ClientType
 ,DST.ClientSize = SRC.ClientSize

Have a look here for SCD type 1 - Im guessing thats what your searching for

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  • Thanks Thomas,I was looking for the same. :) – Vishal Pawar Aug 10 '18 at 10:19

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