I have this serverless.yml file:

      stage: ${opt:stage, "dev"}
      profile: ${opt:stage, "dev"}
    service: MY_SERVICE
        - id: xxxxx
          bucketName: ${cf:dms-${self:provider.stage}.WebBucketName}
          Value:  MY_WEB_BUCKET_NAME

When I try to execute:

serverless config credentials --provider aws --key MY_ACCESS_KEY --secret MY_SECRET_KEY --profile dev

I receive that error:

Profile dev does not exist

I believe that this error is a bit misleading. In my opinion before creating the dev profile serverless is trying to resolve ${cf:dms-${self:provider.stage}.WebBucketName}. Since the resolving requires access profile (in this case dev profile) but the profile does not exists - this could not happen.

Do you have any ideas about this?

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