I have a project, which builds in VS2017 with C++17 standard. I recently added some dependencies to that project. Now, I get errors like this one: ...\include\xmltooling\util\parserpool.h(193): error C2039: 'auto_ptr': is not a member of 'std'.

Now, as far as a I can see, there are two possibilities:

  1. Change the code of that external library.

  2. Build parts of the projects with C++17 and other parts with older C++ standard, like C++14. Or in other words: Build one C++-file in C++14 and all other in C++17.

Now, some questions occurred (sorry, if some questions seems to be dumb).

Is point 2. doable? The VS solution is generated with CMake. When point 2. is doable, how this can be done with CMake.

If point 2. is not doable, are there other ways except point 1. solving this problem?

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    I never tried this, but maybe you could build two libraries, each with a different c++ standard setting via target_compile_features(${LIBRARY_NAME_A} PRIVATE cxx_std_14) and target_compile_features(${LIBRARY_NAME_B} PRIVATE cxx_std_17) – Stanley F. Aug 10 at 10:34

You just need to define _HAS_AUTO_PTR_ETC to 1: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/vcblog/2017/12/08/c17-feature-removals-and-deprecations/

However if std::auto_ptr was being used correctly std::unique_ptr should be a drop in replacement in most cases. You should just be able to do a search and replace from auto_ptr to unique_ptr.

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