After I submit the form successfully, form fields turn to required again. Note that page is not refreshed on submit but the form is reset. Error Image

<form #contactUsForm>                        
     <input type="text" matInput 
      (blur)="nameValidate()" [(ngModel)]="_userName" name="uName" required>

    <input type="email" matInput [(ngModel)]="_userEmail" name="uEmail" 
      (blur)="emailValidate()" required>

    <button type="submit" (click)="onSubmit();contactUsForm.reset()"  
       mat-raised-button>Submit </button>

Is anything wrong with event firing ??

I found the solution. Button element within form caused the problem. I changed button type from type= 'submit' to type ='button'.If any one know this behavior of button within form,plz share.

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