I created a table in sqlplus using

create table employee(id number(1) primary key, name varchar(5));

then I wanted to enter data into table using loop so I implemented

  SQL> begin    
  2  for i in 1..4
  3  loop
  4  insert into employee       
  5  values(i, '&name');
  6  end loop;
  7  end;
  8  /

It showed me a prompt to enter name once

Enter value for name: a

Instead of running for 4 times and asking to input name everytime it just ran once. After checking the output, I found my table as

SQL> select * from employee;

---------- ----
     1 a
     2 a
     3 a
     4 a

I want to enter different names for every employee id, not the same name for all the customer.

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    I'm not an sqlplus expert - but normally you'd do something like multiple inserts.. And let database assign id's for you. If you were coding this for integration with a programming language you'd normally have prepared (parameterised) statements to execute that did the insert, with some sort of web front end or a GUI. Then control the looping/input in the programming language of choice... .NET/Python/Java etc. – JGFMK Aug 10 at 10:40
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    It is not possible to repeatedly prompt in a PL/SQL loop. – hotfix Aug 10 at 11:25

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