i have upgraded my react native package from 0.51.0 to 0.56.0 and when i try to build my project with npm start i get this error Error: While resolving module react-native/Libraries/Renderer/shims/ReactNativeComponentTree. The error is telling that the ReactNativeComponentTree.js is not found in the react-native folder. I took a look at the react-native source code and i found that the file is deleted in the 0.56.0 version and nothing was mentioned in the documentation or in the changelog. the file was used (the code is not mine) to get the placeholder of a selected input (on focus) with the following code. import ReactNativeComponentTree from "react-native/Libraries/Renderer/shims/ReactNativeComponentTree";

handler = e => {  
    let { placeholder } = ReactNativeComponentTree.getInstanceFromNode(

//the use of {placeholder} here

Anyone knows what to do to resolve this issue ? or is there a better way to get the placeholder of a selected input , without the use of the ReactNativeComponentTree.js file ?

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