I want to integrate the WhatsApp business web API in my django project, so I can contact our clients through WhatsApp.

I need a step by step guide to integrate the API. I have gone through this guide, but it was hard to understand for me.

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    You link the guide and yet don't use it yourself, instead requesting that somebody else do it for you? – Chris Satchell Aug 10 at 10:38
  • From what I saw in their reference that is pretty much step by step guide, so either you didn't even try to go through guide(maybe you should go over it twice) or you don't understand concepts that guide mentions in which case you should learn those things first. – FilipRistic Aug 10 at 11:00
  • okey thanks for your useful response :) .but it'll be better if i get answer for my question... comment if you know the answer. – vikee Aug 10 at 12:02

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