I am using Laravel framework and ratchet to connect on Bitmex Websocket API with Ratchet. Problem is that I can't create "signature" that is used to authenticate on Bitmex Websocket server...

I used this code to connect on Bitmex but it connection always returns {"error":"Signature not valid."}

I am not sure what I am doing wrong... Maybe some hash function is incorrect or something else... I tried to search on the Internet but I didn't find any solid solution. Can you guys please tell me what I did wrong?

public function positions($callback){
    //this->env is "wss://testnet.bitmex.com/realtime";
    $expires = strtotime('+60 minute');
    $loop = Factory::create();
    $react = new \React\Socket\Connector($loop);
    $connector = new Connector($loop, $react);
    $endpoint = 'position';
    $signature = bin2hex(hash_hmac('sha256', 'GET/realtime'  . $expires, $this->secret));
    $apiEndPoint = $this->env . "?api-expires=$expires&api-signature=$signature&api-key=$this->apiKey";
    $connector($apiEndPoint)->then(function ($ws) use ($callback, $loop, $endpoint) {
        $ws->on('message', function ($data) use ($ws, $loop, $callback, $endpoint) {
            $socketData = json_decode($data, true);
            if (!array_key_exists("info", $socketData)){

        $ws->on('close', function ($code = null, $reason = null) use ($loop) {
            echo "WebSocket Connection closed! ({$code} - {$reason})" . PHP_EOL;
    }, function ($e) use ($loop) {
        echo "Could not connect: {$e->getMessage()}" . PHP_EOL;

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