How to keep user logged in Using AsyncStorage in react native without redux? if you have any source code please provide it

Please follow these instructions to use AsyncStorage with react native official docs.
React Native AsyncStorage Docs

  • Please provide me full code with fetch api and login logout method – Prajapati Jigar Aug 10 at 17:24

First Of All store your data to the local storage like below code

await AsyncStorage.setItem('login', True');

and after closing the app. whenever user open app again check the local storage for login like below code

  const login = await AsyncStorage.getItem('login');
    if (login !== null) {
      // We have data!!
      // navigate to the home or any other screen 
       // navigate to the Login screen or any other screen 

for mode details AsyncStorage details check this link

Let me know if you are still facing issue and if you got idea than give me thumps up please (Y)

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