This is about boom which is a plugin to Hapijs

This is the function meant to throw an error

const errorThrower = (msg = 'Internal Server Error', errorCode = 500) => {
  const error = new Error(msg);
  error.httpStatusCode = errorCode;
  throw error;

And this is how I am using it in another file

try {
      errorThrower('Invalid client id for partner', 404);
  } catch (error) {
    return boom.boomify(error,
        statusCode: error.statusCode,

Now, this results in a 500 Internal Server Error whereas I would expect 404 Invalid client id for partner from Boom. The log indicates the error on the console which clearly means that it wasn't caught.

Where am I going wrong?

  • Whats behind the ... ? Some callbacks? Async code? – Jonas Wilms Aug 10 at 13:10
  • Just some code that shouldn't matter – Aakash Verma Aug 10 at 13:10

Oh, this was quick.

So, there is no built-in property like error.statusCode but rather error.httpStatusCode which I am setting inside my errorThrower function.

This is why maybe boom is assuming a 500 as I am not providing a valid statusCode(error.statusCode is undefined).

To quote from boom,

statusCode - the HTTP status code. Defaults to 500 if no status code is already set and err is not a Boom object.

This was the only change necessary for the correct error response:

return boom.boomify(error,
    statusCode: error.statusCode,

Could have created a Boom object as well...

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