I'm beginner to Xamarin.Forms, by using it we are developing a mac application. One of my requirement is to play local mp4 video file.

We did some R&D on video players which can play videos in mac. We found few plugins like - https://github.com/martijn00/XamarinMediaManager , unfortunately none of them work for us in mac. So we decided to try webview.

xaml code -

<WebView x:Name="Browser" 

xaml.cs code -

    string myVideoHtml = String.Format(
                    <video width='100%' height='100%'     
                           autoplay controls>
                        <source src='{0}' type='video/mp4'/>

    var html = new HtmlWebViewSource { Html = myVideoHtml };
    Browser.Source = html;

Placed 'movie.mp4' file inside 'Resource' folder and set 'Buid Action' to 'BundleResource'. I checked in iOS, its playing the video but in macOS video is not playing.

Some of the observations I made as below. Your help is much appreciated, thanks.

  • If video is from online source, its playing.
  • If I set some html string or website url, it works.

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