Im having an issue with my funnel which i have set up using regex. The end goal has to match a url such as booking/oxford/458752/confirmation.

The number in the URL is the order number.

My funnel destination is booking/oxford/\d+/confirmation$

Step 1 - /booking/oxford/\d+/

Step 2 - /Booking/oxford/\d+/booking/select-tickets

Step 3 - /Booking/oxford/\d+/booking/select-seats

Step 4 - /Booking/oxford/\d+/booking/payment

The funnel is showing URLs such as


as been drop outs at step 1 even though this should match step 2?

Im not great with regex so any help appreciated


  • Try this service to test regex And keep in mind that match type for goal is the same as for steps: equals to, begins with or regex. – Ms. Easy Aug 10 at 13:42

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