It's possible to create multiple instances of Firestore Database(one for each project) inside the same console in Firebase? I saw that it's possible to do it for Firebase Realtime Database, but I don't see the possibility to do it for Firestore.

It's possible to achieve it?

Thank you so much in advance.

It is not possible to have two instances of Firestore in a project. Database sharding in Realtime Database is possible (and many times necessary) because of its scaling limitations. Firestore does not have the same scalaing limitations (it is what's called "massively scalable"), so you should be able to store all your project's data in a single instance.

  • The only caveat being that while in beta, a Firestore instance cannot surpass 1 million concurrent connections and 10,000 read/write operations/second. There is no way to break these barriers while in beta. – nard Nov 11 at 0:34

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