This is my dispatch code:

store.dispatch(addTodo({todo: ' one', significance: 'very'}));

This is the action:

export const addTodo = ({todo = '', significance = ''} = {}) => ({
  type: 'ADD_TODO',

it wires us correctly to the store but when I


I get it's in the store, but undefined. Any idea ??

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    How's your reducer look like? – Dat Tran Aug 10 at 14:30
  • The action looks like this: export const addTodo = ({ todo = '', significance = ''} = {}) => ({ type: 'ADD_TODO', todo, significance }); – Chen Margalit Aug 10 at 14:59
  • I don't see anything suspicious. Can you try adding console.log(state) and console.log(action) before your switch in reducer? – Dat Tran Aug 10 at 15:06
  • Doesn't show up when I add it, the console. I dispatch the actions like this: store.dispatch(addTodo({todo: 'one', significance: 'very'})); and in the console I get this: todos: (3) [undefined, undefined, undefined]__proto__: Object – Chen Margalit Aug 10 at 15:11

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