I want to create a new project (Projectserver 2013 on premise) with CSOM in C#. I could create the new project. If I want to fill a value in an enterprise custom field, I must load the saved project again from the server an fill in the custom field. (see source code). But for my requirements the custom field will be required for new projects. Is there a way to send the value of the custom field in the request, that is creating the project?

var projectCreationInformation = new ProjectCreationInformation();
projectCreationInformation.Id = Guid.NewGuid();
projectCreationInformation.Name = projectData.ProjectTitle;
projectCreationInformation.Description = "";
projectCreationInformation.EnterpriseProjectTypeId =   GetEptUid("test_Csom");
projectCreationInformation.Start = DateTime.Today.Date;
PublishedProject newPublishedProj = ProjectContext.Projects.Add(projectCreationInformation);
QueueJob qJob = ProjectContext.Projects.Update();

JobState jobState = ProjectContext.WaitForQueue(qJob, 180);
if (jobState == JobState.Success)
        ProjectContext.Load(ProjectContext.Projects, c => c.IncludeWithDefaultProperties(pr => pr.CustomFields));
        var projects = ProjectContext.LoadQuery(ProjectContext.Projects.Where(p => p.Id == projectCreationInformation.Id));
        DraftProject draftProject = projects.First().Draft;
        JobState job1 = ProjectContext.WaitForQueue(draftProject.CheckIn(true), 30);
        DraftProject projectCheckout = projects.First().CheckOut();
        CustomField projCF = ProjectContext.CustomFields.FirstOrDefault(cf => cf.Name == "Test_ECF");
        projectCheckout.SetCustomFieldValue(projCF.InternalName, "Test");

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