I have deleted Xcode 10 beta 3 and upgraded to Xcode 10 beta 5.

However, due to this bug, I need to go back to an older beta (either 3 or 4).

There is no direct link to older betas at https://developer.apple.com/download/.

Is there a way to get to older betas of Xcode?


You can go to the https://developer.apple.com/download/ then simply copy the link under the download button of beta 5 and overwrite the 5 to 4 in the link.

So you can download all old versions you want.


Download from here

Don't download from any unofficial website

  • There are links to xcode command line tools + others xcode related stuff, but I am not able to find there a link to the Xcode beta itself there – Milan Nosáľ Aug 10 '18 at 14:18

There is an unofficial website tracking Xcode releases here:


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