I would like to make a POST request using curl to a node js endpoint. The curl request should send an array of values. Node js should be able to use that array.

Here's my curl request

json='{"userEmail": "nas@nas.com", "assetUrls": ["test.com"]}'
echo $json | curl -i -X POST -d @- -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJ4NXUiOiJpbXNfbmExLXN0ZzEta2V5LTEuY2VyIiwiYWxnIjoiUlMyNTYifQ.eyJpZCI6IjE1MzM5MDg3MzQ4MzBfZjI4MTBiNWYtODEzZC00ZWI0LWJmOGQtOTcyOTEyZjYwZDVhX3VlMSIsImNsaWVudF9pZCI6Ik1hcnZlbFdlYlRlc3QxIiwidXNlcl9pZCI6IkE2NzcxNUY0NTY5OTVFMjk3RjAwMDEwMUBBZG9iZUlEIiwidHlwZSI6ImFjY2Vzc190b2tlbiIsImFzIjoiaW1zLW5hMS1zdGcxIiwiZmciOiJTVkxMU0NTRVhQNTc3NzM3TjdDTU9BSUFEUT09PT09PSIsInNpZCI6IjE1MzM4NzQyNjMyNzVfMjNlNTFlMTktZTIyNy00MTk3LWE0NDctYzRhNmU1OGJmZTZjX3VlMSIsIm1vaSI6IjdhZjIyMTliIiwiYyI6IjBCVGh1L0lLYkVaVmFnWGg4VGVhNFE9PSIsImV4cGlyZXNfaW4iOiI4NjQwMDAwMCIsInNjb3BlIjoiQWRvYmVJRCxvcGVuaWQsY3JlYXRpdmVfc2RrLGduYXYsc2FvLnNwYXJrLGFkZGl0aW9uYWxfaW5mby5wcm9qZWN0ZWRQcm9kdWN0Q29udGV4dCx0a19wbGF0Zm9ybSIsImNyZWF0ZWRfYXQiOiIxNTMzOTA4NzM0ODMwIn0.eANA8LDCBiWk-kM6TSLTfjx8uoTcU5wFlOKyo8qZP5TYRPDSkwefvJ6SHKwsIWI4SkHeiyWcuzU28_od3AMLvcmJQp4RXHK9kDiy0rjnAZm2xJe9XjM91hOqmwtVpnO3s-re2oJC7to0HboLtD62GwTWeu2Vq74vSCveSc80smGIWBeLB4cCPtvGR_rEXGFRuV8YJ6vdcBi51YJg52qrniaRi0x0Zj3XjuCwn1nZKj46uzMdRdI9b56E3F37rFRF7K8-rw7FgFaZWj6-ZMsHflRTd9tlk_dYCqXNc8p9FP7DmP-fXkLFVFqB0ByWhLVo26Tj4gfZky5jQFJBYYoRMA" https://marvel.adobe.com:8033/lightroom-hackaton

What should I be doing on the node js side so that it properly handles the curl request and can read the array of values "assetUrls"? Notice that the content type is json

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    What does your Node.js code look like? – Josh Lee Aug 10 '18 at 13:52

Here super simple http server based on nodejs

const http = require('http');

const handler = (req, res) => {
  if (req.method === 'POST') {
    let body = '';
    req.on('data', chunk => body += chunk.toString());
    req.on('end', () => {
        const post = JSON.parse(body);
        // Now you can do something else with post.assetUrls
        // ...

const app = http.createServer(handler);

now you can run it with next command: node index.js and now you can perform your curl request.

But pay attention it's super simple implementation and for real project probably you have to use something like or and also you have implement authorization middleware.

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