I have the following sheet (sharing link with edit rights).


I have created a workbook where data are pulled from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 with Vlookup.

I m trying to create an if statement in vlookup where when the data is string for example "empty" then the respective cell to be actually empty.

Please have a look at my sheet I have created table it is very easy to understand.

Thank you!

  • have you tried something? What went wrong with what you tried? – Liora Haydont Aug 10 at 14:00
  • Why link to the problem, especially when your link is volatile? How can that possibly be helpful to future visitors? If you cannot describe your specific issue, why should we waste time trying to decipher anything? – tehhowch Aug 10 at 14:09
  • If time was important for you tehhowch you wouldn't waste it to answer my friend. I have no idea about formulas, tried several formulas I found but no luck Liora. – Nikos Mendrinos Aug 10 at 14:14
  • Please edit your question and post what you have tried. – cybernetic.nomad Aug 10 at 14:54
  • Comments are by definition not answers @nikos :) You should also clarify your tags - you've tagged both Excel and Google Sheets, while they are 100% not the same program. – tehhowch Aug 10 at 15:13

If you want to make a vlookup result to not show some result, you just need to test the formula result and, in case of "empty", return you an empty value as true, or repeat the formula if false. This is what I wrote in your sheet1 B3 cell, for instance:

  • Thank you Daniel exactly what I needed for l!!! – Nikos Mendrinos Aug 11 at 16:15

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