When using AWS AppSync with lambda data sources you can encounter N+1 query problem.

Basically when you have individual field resolver on your type and you query returns an array of those types you field resolver lambda will be called N times.

AWS introduces BatchInvoking lambdas in resolvers to combat this problem. Here you can read more about problem and their solution: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/appsync/latest/devguide/tutorial-lambda-resolvers.html#advanced-use-case-batching

However their solution is not working. BatchInvoking lambdas is limited to only 5 events (this is not stated in documentation). It is a slight improvement to N+1 problem (it makes it N/5+1), but I think it is not enough as more complex queries tend to execute for a very long time and require more lambda invocations.

So my question is how do you deal with this problem? Is there any better solution to this?

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    I work on AWS AppSync team. I will be happy to pass this on as a feature request to customize the batch size for batch invoke. – Karthik Aug 10 at 17:10
  • This would be very helpful and will actually solve this problem in the best possible way, thank you! – AlpacaGoesCrazy Aug 13 at 9:05
  • I hit the same problem. This is serious problem, because we have hundreds of resources with subresources, which are resolved in one betched call to external API (with current N/5 it would be ineffective to make such an amount of API calls). Too bad that it is NOT documented. – DavidC Aug 14 at 15:36

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